Oh you rebel, you!) fraile fraile fraile Gomez-Cortazar Styles Phillips Phillips Phillips Phillips Larsen you know it.

Can't tell if I'm giggling because I'm exhausted or because it's funny. I'll want to see this again in a while.

Faction mottos: Dauntless: You Only Live Once Amity: Laugh Out Loud Candor: To Be Honest Erudite: By The Way Abnegation: What About You

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Shailene Woodley on

HHAHAHAHAHey, think about it, Theo is the dauntless bowl, Ansel is the abnegation bowl, and miles. Maybe candor or eruditie

Divergent | Candor

"You must be cut out for Candor, Four, because you are a terrible liar. Oh the feels ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~

Because there was cake............       In the end

Tris: Peter would probably throw a party if I stopped breathing. AFTER READING ALLEGIANT. its not funny anymore. Spoiler Alert: Peter doesn't even throw a party, but if he was his normal self he might have.

This is funny cause four is my favorite number and favorite book character ;)

My favorite number is four. My favorite character is Four (well, Number Nine and Sam too. My favorite book is I Am Number Four. Yes, there's a lot to the number four. Also fans of Divergent love the number four and Four.

I'm assuming they drank Beatrice first... Too soon?<<<< Too soon my friend... Too soon..<< Repinning for these comments.

Oh, oops wrong book. Whatever :) <<< lol I love that I'm in both of those fandoms, so I got that reference too. (proceeds to add another fandom joke: now maybe it'd cheer us up more if it were blue cherry coke.


TFiOS/Divergent --- haha THANK you. Someone finally said it. Lol I personally don't like tfios but I agree with this