Your body can stand almost anything it’s your mind that you have to convince - Love of Life Quotes


Good thing to hang in the classroom. Don't be upset by the results you didn't get with the work you didn't do.

:) yup. why is this so hard for me to remember???

"One workout away from a good mood." so true, it always puts me in a good mood.

50 great reasons to exercise!   For more fitness information check out...  http://www.insearch4success.com/high-protein-low-carb-snacks/

50 Reasons to Exercise [Neila Rey breaks it down why working up a sweat is so important for our minds, body and spirit. And if these reasons are not enough, may the force be with you. Or, you be shaken to reason.

You have heard this before among the many other famous quotes:  1) you are what you eat 2) food is medicine or food is your poison choose wisely 3) if you think your hungry drink water first your most likely thirsty  Among many others.  For anyone who is cleansing even to those who are not. One thing you will learn when on cleanse is that we eat from boredom/emotions 60 percent of the time.  And at those time we sadly always eat the wrong things. And we always confuse thirst for hunger…

Learn the difference. If you feel hungry, drink a glass of ice cold water. If you're still hungry after that, then you may eat. But don't tell yourself you're hungry because of a small craving.

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would you rather be covered in sweat at the gym or covered in clothes at the beach? So true! Time to sweat it out Beach Babes!