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Teenager Post You know someone is a true friend when you break down and cry, but they will say the stupidest, most random thing just to see you smile.


Not sure how this qualifies as a "teenager" problem but as a fully functioning adult I can totally relate!>> trust me, it's a teenager problem too

My nieces like JB and we went on a road trip. I put my headphones up so loud I was sure I had damaged my ears lol

I am not too particular about my music taste, but if we are in a car and you diss One Direction, I will give you three seconds to run. Jk but if you don't diss my music I won't diss yours.

True love right there. Thanks ems for showing me this, truer words have never been said!

Me and my crush have made eye contact every day for a month and a half. when we do tho, he smiles every time!

The little voice is smart...

I wonder if the voice sounds like me. I never even thought that deep. It was just a thought. Now I'm noticing that all thoughts have little voices. Deepest teenager post ever.