24 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Twenties

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Im pretty sure this has actually happened to me

I think that this is really funny, slightly creepy, but still funny xD

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Corgi mixes keep their Corgi shapes but trade looks with the other breeds: Golden Retriever, Husky, German Shepherd, Dalmatian, etc.

Haven’t Got The Hang Of Smiling…

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 93 Pics i used to have really strained and weird smiles when i was a kid, but fortunately i learned in my preteens.

If Business Slogans Were Honest – 19 Pics

19 Honest Company Slogans You Might Agree With- time Warner cable, TRUTH


13 Savage Burns That Will Haunt You Forever

Man Accidentally FaceTimes Wrong Number, Makes Friends With Random Kid

Jennifer Aniston & Joey & Ross

A Hilarious selection of the best and funniest Friends TV Show Quotes and Sayings. Life and Love Quotes with pictures from the tv Show 'Friends'.