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We have Netflix, internet, and internet friends who are also spend valentines day alone ☻

I can't break the life long traditional of spending it feeling lonely now can I?

I'm different and im proud of it! Oh what? You don't like me? Then leave!

By: ♡Volleyball Beauty♡ (VolleyballBeaut)

By: ♡Volleyball Beauty♡ (VolleyballBeaut)

Xx actually one, and sometimes im afraid ill loose that one.i know sounds weird right?

Sadly this happens to everyone several times in their life, you just need to continue on with your life, that doesn't necessarily mean forget but don't let it stop you from living your life.

:'( not just losing as in death, but losing as in moving, switching jobs, not able to keep contact, illness.

no one really ever understands anyone but themselves.

No one ever Will all they do is judge with second thought that I'm going throw hard things.

By: ♡Volleyball Beauty♡ (VolleyballBeaut)

guys don't worry, I have one the size of the Grand Canyon.

Lots of people do. It just happens, and you're beautiful anyway. I have it, other people do to. It's fine even when it doesn't feel like it

I have it, other people do to.