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All I Needed to Know I Learned From iCarly and Victorious, well at least about the pear phones and don't for get pear pads to lol

So? This is our generation. Be respectful. You were allowed to enjoy your times. Let us enjoy ours, asshole.

13 year olds then vs 13 year olds now Talk about pushing girls appearance expectation.fuck Barbie, this does way more damage.<<Oh god the Nickelodeon days were the best.

Haha Josh Peck

i love this I ran over Oprah! New car! Look out Oprah! He literally lived his life as if Drake and Josh never ended

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everyone knows the didn't end until like 2010 I was born in 2001 and remember all of those things haha <<so true<<< same except I was born in 2003

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She was most definitely my favourite character from wizards of waverly place! I ❤️ Selena Gomez