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Eating Krispy Kreme chocolate glazed donuts with sprinkles during breakfast makes me happy :)

Writing Prompt: If you could be any donut, which would you choose and why?:

The Ultimate (Los Angeles) Guide to Donuts

food chocolate dessert recipe apple cinnamon doughnut pastry maple vanilla donut donuts Pastries doughnuts cronut dounut The Ultimate Los Angeles Guide to Donuts boston cream donut

Romesco Grilled Cheese with Gruyere + Watercress — a Better Happier St. Sebastian

Romesco Grilled Cheese with Gruyere + Watercress

Make Edible Sprinkle Bowls for Ice Cream - this heart of mine

Instructions on how to make your own edible sprinkle bowl, perfect for your ice cream. What ice cream flavor would you eat with this sprinkle bowl?

Vanilla Bean Sweet Potato Waffles #breakfast #recipe

vanilla bean sweet potato waffles I feel like these should be easy to adapt for Slimming World eating.