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Excuse Me - There Seems To Be A Face On Your Makeup: It looks like this gal put a little face on her makeup. I can barely see face on all the makeup but I'm sur

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13 People Who Tried Way Too Hard To Be Cool

I Was looking up and just looked down as this loaded and I laughed way too hard while sitting at the redlight. THIS IS THE BEST SO FUNNY!

When this happens just too many times and ur just like what am I doing with my life....

This is me on Chips Ahoy! Funny Pictures Of The Day - 83 Pics

Epic Make-up Fails

Epic Make-up Fails

Epic Make-up Fails hahahahaha

Facebook self pic fail

That awkward moment when. Photoshop that shit or something! Lmfao but hey she's got confidence. Lol to much but she's got it.

Holy fudgsicles. Wit the heck happened to this woman.

Whether you're a beauty junkie or au-naturel kinda gal, every girl knows the true horror of a makeup fail. From the endless re-applying of eyeliner to the dreaded white powder flash-back, makeup isn't always our BFF.


Funny pictures about Photobomb level: Grandma. Oh, and cool pics about Photobomb level: Grandma. Also, Photobomb level: Grandma photos.

HEY! Beauty takes effort lolll

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OMG!  These have got to be the worst hair styles I have ever seen.  I think the guys look better than the girls, if you can tell them apart!  Too funny!

Are the top middle and bottom middle pictures men or women? The top middle has a feminine face and gosh can't really say which hairstyle i would choose