“Lock the fucking door. Are you so scared that kid is going to escape our 'guest suite' and come up eight flights of stairs and through two locked doors to get to you? Just lock the fucking thing. Doesn't hurt to take precautions.

What a great Moment! Season 5 Episode 1 Reconciliation <3

Rick and Carol share a moment together in Season 5 premiere, 'No Sanctuary'. Looks like all is forgiven. Rick: "Oh, Carol, I was so wrong. I'm so glad you're a badass psycho who is unfailingly loyal to your family.

Чендлер Риггз | Chandler Riggs [Grimes] ✔

Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season Gallery - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels The Walking Dead - Season 5 - Cast -

Andrea and Dale!

The Walking Dead Season At Hershel's farm, when Andrea shot Daryl, thinking he was a walker.