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WaiFung采集到Smoking Art(1457图)_花瓣造型/美妆/纹身

WaiFung采集到Smoking Art(1457图)_花瓣造型/美妆/纹身

is Radio, rediscovered - the last pale light in the west () by waywardstars in Whitecourt

RICK AND DARYL - Google Search

Rick Grimes & Daryl Dixon (they were bromancing so hard this week.they wanted to hug so bad after Daryl came back and saved Rick!

Norman Reedus-Inspiration for Minister Wynder Devereax (Reese's great great grandfather)

Daryl Dixon smiling gif, The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon smiling gif, The Walking Dead it's weird when he smiles bc he doesn't do that often

Get This Special Offer The Walking Dead Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon with his Crossbow Officially Licensed Photo

Daryl Dixon is probably on everyone's zombie fighting team list.     http://purdylicious-reedus.tumblr.com/

Fact: Daryl Dixon has a grizzly bear carpet in his tent. The bear isn't dead, it's just too afraid to move.