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So true! I don’t even recognize the person I once was anymore. God change is so beautiful

I would simply change the beginning to "be loved by God", my love is nothing to His, & it's His love that first changes me. In that context it's a beautifully true sentiment. ~ the true truth

potatoes are like my life.<<<<< I read people and I was mid sentence 'I can relat- oh. Potatoes. Totally.'

last night my friend literally ordered hashbrowns and french fries for dinner and she didn't even realize that she ordered two different kinds of potatoes (Potato Overlord): we're happy to make you happy!

I find it crazy how any of us can die at any moment yet we live our lives always planning for the future

I find it crazy how any of us can die at any moment yet we live our lives always…

I wondered if that was why God hated sin, because of the destruction it caused. For a moment I felt awe for a God who loved me enough to hate the things that hurt me without hating me for causing them." - Susan E Isaacs

I want to spend my every breath seeing more people understand the deep love God has for them and that he only hates things that hurts his kids that he loves so much

well I guess I was meant to live in AUS, not America. watch out calum hood

Scary truth

Especially since when I studied abroad, my sleep schedule was right on. Asleep at up at 7 with no trouble at all.<<<Really wow I'm honestly a night owl over here