I had just finished saying that Charlie was my favourite character and then she died I will never forgive Sam or Cass (even though they are also my favourites)

Dean is always the one with the kids, Sam is better at speaking to the adults so they answer questions, but Dean can talk to the kids. But you don't get it, he practically raised Sam since he was 4, he was always the one to give him dinner and tuck him in, he was the one who stayed home to take care of Sam when their dad was out hunting. This is why Sam never saw eye to eye with their dad, not just because they never got along, but because he was never a dad to him. Dean was his brother and…

Dean and Kids.always makes my heart melt he is such a father figure. it makes sense though considering he was a father figure to Sam growing up.

Dean is the best big brother ever. If anyone says differently then they don't have a sibling.

2013 - Sam's puppy eyes always win.oww this hurst my heart! Eternally the big brother.

Imma cry real quick >>>>> I'm fucking crying and that was pretty fast

“I was raised on Tolkien, man. I mean, what is all this? Where are my White Walkers and my volcano and magic ring to throw in the damn thing? Where’s my quest?” [GIFSET] The Prisoner. My Heart breaks for Charlie

Go to a Supernatural Convention and Meet Jared, Jensen, Misha, Mark, the Rest of the Cast and Their Families

[gifset] 8x11 LARP and The Real Girl Dean's face in the last panel

[gifset] LARP and The Real Girl --- Dean's jealous but impressed by Charlie's Swag in this episode. mostly impressed. they would make a great wing man team.>>Charlie and Dean, the wing man team