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Who a person kisses, sleeps with, or even marries is of no real consequence. It's who a person misses in the middle of night who matter, who is of most importance

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I'm not choosing you because our being together makes sound, solid sense. I choose you because you make me forget there's a choice. - You make me forget that there's an option to walk away, because staying with you is exactly what it is.

Beau Taplin // I Am Lost Without You

I am lost without you. Whether I'm off on another wild adventure, or in the familiar quiet comfort of my very own home, I'm all the same, enormously lost, whenever I'm without you.

Let me be the beginning to the rest of your days..  #Etsy #Danahm1975 #Jewelry

Quotes About Love : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Description Let me be the beginning to the rest of your days.