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Beau Taplin | I Am Lost Without You

I am lost without you. Whether I'm off on another wild adventure, or in the familiar quiet comfort of my very own home, I'm all the same, enormously lost, whenever I'm without you.

This is how I need to view my past.

"The ways people shape you come from both the positives and negatives of a relationship. No time is truly wasted, as long as you do not ignore it.

Beautifully written  There is no love more true or scared like the love of a broken hearted

There is nothing so beautifully genuine as a broken hearted person's love. For in giving it they are saying, "Yes, I have burned to smoke and ash fir the ones I have loved. I have been devoured, slowly,

I'm afraid of opening up, letting you in or letting the monsters out

'i'm afraid of opening up, only i'm not sure which frightens me most, letting you in, or the monsters out.

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I don't necessarily agree with the part that if goodbyes are painful, we might be making a mistake . I think if goodbyes are painful, it means what we had was something beautiful and worthwhile.


I've told you many times exactly what my favorite thing in my life is. Laying next to you with my arm across your body holding you tight. No matter how horrible a day had been, everything was made perfect when I finally got to hold you.

Rantings of a beautiful mind

"I gave you the world, but you wanted the stars" - Beau Taplin (The Long Road)

"you continue to care deeply for the people you've loved long after you let them go" -Beau Taplin

The painful truth of the matter is you continue to care deeply for the people you've loved long after you let them go.

De'ja' vu

I felt familiar and like i know you from a long time,when the first time i saw you.and my soul connected with you even I've never met you,and i can feel the fire inside of me every time i see you.


Eternally nostalgic for the strangest things. // my book Playing With Fire and Hunting Season are available via the link on the home page xo Love Beau.

We can always hope to find a person like this. However, do they really exist?

But if you do whisper sweet nothings and feed the ravenous ego of my heart, that's okay too.


I'm not looking for somebody who will whisper sweet nothings into my ear to feed the ravenous ego of my heart. But someone who can look me straight in the eye and say, "I love you, whether you fail or fall, just as you are.

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