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ngl ur fuckcing awful and i WANT to hate you and i don't want to feel bad when i manage to break thru ur crusty ass and make u feel bad too but i do and also fUCK YOU

Don't hate 2b alone but I hate sleeping without u

Damn it I hate this feeling, I hate that you don't miss me ! I hate that I can't stop missing you.really I'm tired.want to sleep

I dreamt that we finally saw eye to eye. Yet, here we are still taking an eye for an eye instead. How lonely.

"I held you in my arms again. I could finally remember how your lips felt against mine. And then I woke up. I woke up, and you weren't there, B.

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She tried so hard but it happened anyway. She slapped her husband and cut up every single one of his suits. It was so silly and petty, so stupid.