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it takes guts

Fear is just an illusion of the mind. Don't succumb to this negativity. It is a trick that too many people fall for. Know that you have the power to let go of fear. Fear is not real. Be stronger than your mind.

There are times where her flaws will become visible. Just be there. R.h sin

I don't understand how this concept is so easily overlooked. There are times where her flaws will become visible.h sin

above all...be kind

I am always talking about this with the kids. Also To have strong morals and values. And always try to do it all with Kindness & Respect.

Leave and they'll search for you in everyone else and fail. This is when they'll understand what they lost." whiskey words and a shovel volume II " by r.

caught between

You know you should because your heart tells you it’s not good for you but your mind is wandering off into his eyes.

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Give yourself permission to walk away from anyone who half loves you (or who conditionally loves you)

That's where you messed up. You gave them the opportnity to picture a life without you, by being inconsistent.  So when they got the strength, they walked away without looking back.

You're losing her. She's starting to imagine life without you in it & for the time she's no longer afraid to walk away