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Misha Collins from Supernatural. He is the true hottie on that show! Along with Jensen and Jared and pretty much every guy on the show

The cast of “Supernatural” photographed by Matthias Clamer for Entertainment Weekly **

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O•O oooohhhh!!! So that's why!!!!  Not to self: don't mess with dean.... Or you have to deal with his boyfriend.....

I love how everyone claims to "not ship Destiel", and yet there are a million of these things out there. :-) <<< I’m not claiming to not ship it, I totally ship it. I ship it so hard.

well at least Phil and Evan Peters can get married

is his type sugar daddy age<<< no that's like 20 years older boo not 4 is a good spacing<<the phandom has literally evolved into being so creepy that we discussed the proper age for Phil to be Dans sugar daddy.

Castiel  ♥

Titles: Supernatural, Point of No Return Names: Misha Collins Character:Castiel

Oh My Angel <3

Pretty Castiel He's not too bad either! Great actor and not hard on the eyes! Love him on Supernatural too! Best show on TV!

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913062ee91a68eb4d83b33a1ed4a4608.jpg (492×835)


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Misha Collins aka Castiel from Supernatural

Theo James

Divergent – Insurgent – Allegiant – Theo James – Tobias Eaton - Four

Jared #JaredPadalecki

Oh come on that smile should be illegal it could cause car wrecks, heart flutters, weakness in the knees goodness gracious me - and people wonder why i LOVE super natural, because its a double whammy! Sam and Dean - weak!





GIF... Shy Misha. Cutest thing I have EVER seen him do. Promise.

Gif for shy misha