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You Woah. This sounds like my old life

Things abusers say and do vary widely but you can always trust your gut. If you feel intimidated, unloved, threatened, or hurt by your partner, it's abuse.

That was my problem from day one ☝️.

A note to my younger self. Love should be something that comes from the overflow of one's self. of one's self-love.

Cycle of Abuse. (Everyone deserves to feel safe. If you're not: Build a safety plan. Escape. Never look back. Rebuild the life you deserve!)

Something in the Shattering: A Look At Domestic Violence and Abusive Relationships

Cycle of Abuse. and wow is this accurate. This goes for emotional abuse. The honeymoon period is why I got sucked in and so confused.

My thoughts are killing me

Alessandra Hogan, Untitled from A Glimpse series Drawings: Charcoal

Hearts, Heart