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When you see someone in public that you really don't want to talk to...

I'm so anti-social

This is so me . at the grocery store, walmart or pretty much anywhere on the weekends running errands.

No offense

I totally agree with the statement, but i am offended that the person who wrote it cannot spell offenSe!


hahahaaha why would you go up to someone anyway who is holding up a sign saying "free hugs"? a hobo or a self-absorbed mad person?


There's no need to repeat yourself I ignored you just fine the first time! Lol I definitely work with people this applies to!

kevin hart. Taking stupid as a challenge

Kevin Hart "I gotta stop saying 'How stupid can you be?' I'm beginning to feel like people are taking it as a challenge.


bread won´t make you fat. There are a lot of nice "boys". You don´t need more hours (even it would be nice) but prioritze to what you spent your time.

Haha, oh my gosh that's awesome...I would die laughing if I had a kid that did this. The best part is the TARDIS

Clean like the Queen of England is visiting -- Knowing Luke & I, this is the sense of humor my children will have :)

I dont really want to brag about it but today, I saw myself on TV... when I turned it off.

Someone posted a whisper in the group Lame Jokes and Pick-Up Lines, which reads "I dont really want to brag about it but today, I saw myself on TV. when I turned it off.

thanks for understanding Ryan, it's just so hard for me to resist a cute pencil skirt, matching shoes, a flow-y top and cute accessories to go with it. Also, i noticed we were out of milk too...

im glad ryan understands - cause Target always makes me spend more than I want to!

He also saved a bunch of Jews and leads the A-Team :)

Funny pictures about Don't mess with Mister Neeson. Oh, and cool pics about Don't mess with Mister Neeson. Also, Don't mess with Mister Neeson.