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Supernatural on Tumblr part 4

I'm fucking crying>> I tried so hard to not bust out laughing and I failed horribly omfg

No. No no no no. No.

Perfect timing except that should be crowles joke hints scince he made the joke by calling sam moose>> Crowley teaching Cas jokes.

No. Spread this like wildfire.

Spread this like wildfire.<<< no because if we don't, then heartache will be left for the supernatural fandom.


Only Supernatural Fandom.~ actually Im taking latin specifically because of supernatural btw salve is how you say hello but the v is pronounced like a w

Learn to write in Enochian.

Now I can finally graffiti walls with the correct spelling of "You breed with the mouth of a goat"! Knowing how to write in Enochian = Life complete

This fandom is nuts! LOL

Satan goes formal>> looks like Satan wants to go to prom. >> Satan, will you please be my prom date? <<Forget prom, I want a wedding *Gets down on one knee* Satan.

Ohhh Cas. ... This is lovely :)

In case you don't watch Supernatural, Cas is supposed to be a fallen angel. This is hysterical whether you watch the show or not!

'Carry on My Flavored Son' - I almost didn't pin this, but then I started laughing really hard, so...

'Carry on My Flavored Son' - I almost didn't pin this, but then I started laughing really hard, so. <== I sang to this.

Misha Collins everyone.i was crying from laughter for about ten minutes XD

If a guy ever used a supernatural line on me I will marry him

This is really awesome because one of the amazing hostesses at my favorite Chinese restaurant is a Supernatural fan. XD<<<<< No you can't marry him. You MUST marry him NOWWW

since... dad went hunting been gone for a few days

As I fought above the noise and confusion Just to get a glimpse beyond this damn intrusion Cas is soaring no higher I'm pretty sure he's gonna diiiie Deans eyes are now as black as night Sammy's crying