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Jak Wam mija poniedziałek ?   Z mojej strony czeka na Was kolejna, nowa seria!    W szkole bardzo męczą ?   Jeśli tak, to ta notka z pewnoś...

Ezria is real no matter what. And for those of you that didn't notice, Ella's bf in 'PLL' is also Kyle Wick in 'The And for those of you who forgot who Wick is, he's Ravens mechanic friend.

OH MY GOOODDDDD!!!!! :-D wes is soo wierd without the accent.

Laughed a little too hard at this. Pretty Little Liars meets Disney

It is quite different when it's Maya's house to when it's Jason's. But the 2nd is better so I'm okay with this change. I could never really see Alison living in that first house. It's not superficial enough.

Pretty Little Liars Clothes and Outfits When Hannah looks the weirdest, you know something is wrong Designer dresses - Clothinggers

PLL!!!!!!!!!!! Well since apparently Mona isn't A anymore... I don't believe!

Spencer Aria Ezra Toby Garrett Maya Caleb Emily Nathan Meredith Lucas Jenna Ella Ian Hanna Wren Allison & Mona are the Name in Pretty Little Liar Title

I love them four together. Especially in season 6 when they get drunk during the girls prom!!!

All of the mothers have had their own generation of liars. They have created the Pretty Little Liars.