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that pesky F

bad luck is what i also call 'victim vibes' or misfortune energy. it is easy to shift them in to Victory Vibes, to go from victim to victor, from bad luck to good luck, from misfortune to fortune energy.

No more chances....

This is me. I've given so many people so many chances. But once I'm done. I'm done. I don't care if we said we've made up. Or that you're not mad at me anymore. Once I've decided I'm done.I'm done.

their's always a big difference in being nice and in flirting. stop assuming at first.

this is mainly aimed at girls, who like to call friendly girls whores. Pretty sure I can count on my hands how many ppl I've slept with. << I feel you are right, but i think its aimed at guys too, who say, "Well she was flirting" as an excuse.

i l y s b // lany

My best friend literally has the prettiest eyes I have ever seen and sometimes I'll just stare at her eyes for a long time and then it's awkward lol but like wow damn best friend you're literally beautiful

We provide...Leverage

The reason the Shadow Guard makes excellent good guys is that they aren't afraid to be bad guys. They are more than willing to destroy their enemies completely, which makes them very effective.

It sad

I know getting hurt to well. If I named all of the people that have hurt me I'd be here forever. But I don't tell people they've hurt because every time they do they play the victim and that hurts me even