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why was this even created? Who ever even said people aren't cool who are named bob? what is the inTERNET

I have a really good friend named Bob. He was the coolest person ever. He died two months ago. He really was awesome.

10 Fresh Memes Today!#1 Found My Spirit Animal

(don't use spirit animal if you're not native american) but other than that funny pics

I think photoshop but maybe not

Lightening can leap from a storm miles away. If you hear thunder, you're within range of a strike. Survival depends on rapid medical attention and cardiac drugs.

This looks soooooooo fun

Playgrounds 100 Years Ago - This is what school playground equipment in the year 1900 looked like.

Funny school related picture of school friends studying in the hot tub. They laminated their finals study guides.

Funny pictures about Just Studying For Finals. Oh, and cool pics about Just Studying For Finals. Also, Just Studying For Finals photos.

These are great xD

14 Actual Announcements By Flight Attendants. I've heard some pretty good ones while on United Airlines. They can get pretty creative.