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Remembering this for my girls: when you find out someone has gossiped and spread lies about you, it doesn't change who you are. Your family and true friends know you and know your heart!

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Being strong all by myself is better than the false hands that said they would never let me fall.

Yes!!! That he never really LOVED me like he said.... and he never cared for me !!! And here I sit like a fool wishing praying and hoping he'd come back ... he's gotta see busy now how much I really do love him ... I was always there for him ... and he left me for someone else

Cowards just ghost. Afuckingmen… that is the truth! Bigger truth… they aren’t who they said they were anyway and that is why they are cowards and ghost. Lies and bullshit


So deeply felt is a burden, nothing else. To feel so deeply makes me frown. Deeply felt is a sin. Feeling deeply a tragic curse. To feel so deeply as to be scarred by everything left to be just a mark.

Sentir profundo.

To feel emotion could be the greatest feeling and the best gift. but its the wrong feeling to feel deeply that hurt.

Indeed. Both the first AND the second time around. Perhaps, the 2nd time the most.

If you've ever felt powerless about changing something in your life, I definitely recommend getting a copy of Vibrational Manifestation. It will blow your mind with how empowered it'll make you feel by the time you're through with the program.

Everything is pure at 4 a.m. Reality shivers with the cold, and my heart shivers with the memories of You. ~ d.j


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19 Quotes Dedicated To The Recently Heartbroken (We Feel Ya!)

Ann loved Connor so much that she was ok that it was hurting her. Ann was broken so Connor could be whole. Connor had his bad days and she was always there for him to comfort and make him happy. Ann was a great girlfriend while Connor was horrible to her.

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