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AMAZING- Master List of Physical Descriptions--Also, links to other posts about description.
Getting a solid grasp on the foundations of plot and structure, and learning to work in harmony with principles will take your stories to the next level.
One thing that every romance writer faces especially when writing a series, is how to keep a couple apart. It’s a difficult thing to accomplish and readers hate it, but it’s a necessary thing. Otherwise the tension is gone and your readers walk away disappointed.
List of ideas for descriptive writing using the senses.
How Well Do You Know Your Character? Includes a list of 100+ things to find out…
Cut-out and keep: 115 words to use instead of 'walks'
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Sometimes a sychological weakness can hurt others. I am currently writing a story where one of the characters has a psychological weakness that has caused him to hurt others in the past. There's nothing wrong with him morally, which is why he isolated himself in order to keep from hurting anyone else. His want. His Need however, is friendship.
Three Things to Remember when Writing about Fainting – Write for the King