Unable to properly describe your main characters voice in your NaNoWriMo novel Check out this master list of voice descriptions

Getting a solid grasp on the foundations of plot and structure, and learning to work in harmony with principles will take your stories to the next level.

A Writer's Cheatsheet to Plot and Structure

How Well Do You Know Your Character? Includes a list of 100+ things to find out…

How Well Do You Know Your Character? Infographic- The link leads to a BUNCH of different helpful questions.

500 Great Words for Sex Scenes

Previous Pinner Great Words for Love Scenes. Makes writing them SO much easier! Good inspiration for romance writers, NaNoWriMo folks, and other writers, too.

Obscure color words

List of obscure colour words and their definitions. How fun would this list be for a writing assignment? Change up your writing!

List Of Tones And Moods | TONE | Mr.Dickes


Use this page to help you understand the "tone" for any article or story that we read in class. If you understand the author's tone, you will most likely understand the main idea (informational or .