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If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.

I allowed someone else to hold my pen for too long and when I took it back I also brought back my life and happiness. Never allow anyone else to hold your pen.

I've we truly realize what a gift your heart was, we should have never doubted the strength in us... ~Gio

Roses aren't always red & violets aren't exactly blue, the society we live in never seems to speak the truth. Smiles aren't always happy & frowns aren't always upset, people judge too quickly & our feelings are what they forget.

A love story : about life , love , feelings : quotes and sayings

But you can't have an unfinished story. Though she forgot room to love herself the boy loved her plenty to share. And he helped the girl love herself again, always saying how perfect she was. They loved each other, Never letting the other fall.