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And I love you. My lovely Son sent me this via here. Thank you my darling. I love you much more. Always xxxxxxx

I wonder if he thought this when he left ?

Awwweee this is so true because guy and girls have different perspectives

Sooo true

†∆ totally boys read this so you now ∆† same go's for girls if a boy gets shoved into you

Nasty, hasty, damaging words said in anger playing on my mind. Fighting myself from turning “I care” into “I cared”

We all do:)

What goes through a boys mind when he starts falling for a girl quotes girly quote girl boys girl quotes falling in love

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I so want him to know but I don't know how to tell him cause I'm too shy & feel like I would be bothering him.


One boy, thousand feelings. quotes quote words word sayings saying quotes things love romance boyfriend girlfriend boyfriend and girlfriend falling in love! I feel this way a lot!

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