It was so funny and good UNTIL THE END. <<That's because Supernatural always hurts in the end. Fox Holder >> John Green takes care of children not his own - Bobby Singer

I ship it

Haha "he called himself your cleaning lady." << seriously that guy is a keeper

*squints eyes* something seems...different...

I'm fucking crying>> I tried so hard to not bust out laughing and I failed horribly omfg

I laughed way too hard over this.

<<my favorite is how the second girl said lucifer help me

I know I've pinned this before Pinterest  no need to remind me love

Supernatural AU where Sam becomes an amazing lawyer.featuring the unlawful Dean ^^


Spread this like wildfire.<<< no because if we don't, then heartache will be left for the supernatural fandom.

Misha Collins on the red carpet.

Misha Collins on the red carpet Reporter: So, who are you wearing? *refers to his clothes* Misha: Oh, um. this is my vessel, his name is Jimmy Reporter: Misha: Fandom: *cheers*

Dun dun dun

f*ck. first real painting of the Devil is called The Winchester Psalter.<<<There is a city called Winchester and it's a city Kings and Priests

Yup. I mean, it's actually looks like if the words were the notes but the staff is just missing

I haven't actually watched Supernatural, but I like the song. And this made me sing it in my head!

Pretty much

If dean was a father could I be his daughter please and could misha be the dad not even Cas it has to be misha

This fandom is nuts! LOL

Satan goes formal>> looks like Satan wants to go to prom. >> Satan, will you please be my prom date? <<Forget prom, I want a wedding *Gets down on one knee* Satan.

from the "make john green find the thing"/i-swear-to-god-he's-really-a-new-york-times-best-selling-author tumblr masterpost (click for more, btw)

from the "make john green find the thing"/ CLICK THROUGH FOR MORE (God, I love him) // How DOES he find these things? << The fact that John is the one who knew the spn gif was coming makes it better