... can also make mazes

living willow structure created by Living Wales Willow, kids love it!

living willow - Google Search

living willow - Google Search

three sectioned willow structure....would be so cool for my son!

Willow Withies are Willow growers and suppliers based in Derbyshire. Supplyling willow for fedge and hurdle making, basketry and living structures

Also known as a bean teepee and similar to a willow playhouse, this DIY project is very easy to make.  From Lifeoutdoor

How To Build A Living Playhouse That Helps Kids To Understand Nature theownerbuilderne. Here’s a fun and educational way to divert kids from the indoors to the great outdoors… help them to build a living playhouse!

Living Willow Sculptures

For log home owners looking for an interesting and fun landscaping project, a willow sculpture, arch or living fence is a charming addition to gardens.

A woven willow tunnel can be a practical walk between buildings or something altogether whimsical providing shade and privacy. — with Deborah Rowland.

clip green willow wisps, plant in the ground, arrange in an arch, and watch it continue to grow year after year