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Portraits of the Homeless by Lee Jeffries

This post showcase stunning black and white portraits of homeless people taken by Lee Jeffries. He started taking homeless people photos when he met a young

Poverty is the underlying cause of all homelessness. Structural changes within the American economy have had a profound impact on societies "bottom segment." No, homelessness is not caused by mental illness, addictions, or unemployment.

Campaign Development Week 3.

Homeless people tend to be the most vulnerable members of society. One of the biggest dangers they face include: Health problems tend to be ignored. This means that they can have different medical or mental health conditions which will go untreated.

Here is an aged man who looks as though his life has been a rough one..

This is a good example of an older aged person who has really been through life, and it may not have been the kindest to him.

Striking Portraits by Lee Jeffris

Striking Portraits by Lee Jeffris

Travellingpoet - faces

Photography - Amazing portrait in black white. I always love the character and personality that comes through in close up black and white portraits.

..photography in black

Lee Jeffries photography with homeless children, So very sad and heartbreaking. Her eyes look like they have seen more than any child should.