Lion sketch tattoo by ~quidames on deviantART. Again, A really beatiful lion tattoo sketch

dreamcatcher_by_mrtozkan-d670va4.png (774×1032)

I love skulls and dream catchers, this would look way cool as a hand tattoo or a foot tattoo (:

Tattoo. Lion. Heartbeat. Thinking of getting it

Not a sketch, an actual sound wave drawing. Probably layered several sound waves and made it into this masterpiece

#tattoo #tattoos #Ink by francis

Give a look at this design by Martin Samuris. I love the roses but don't do crosses or skulls. Thought the roses were good enough to share on my board.

sand clock tattoo - Google-Suche

It interesting how many elements are in this tattoo design. I would love this as a sleeve with a swallow or something in, and something else for the raccoon.--I would like a fox rather than the raccoon I think but I love the rest of this design