Tutustu kiinnostaviin ideoihin!

Zaaayyynnn!!! <3
(: cuuuteeeee
Click the link for a cheeky interview :)
This is the best thing ever omg look how HAPPY he is. -H
6 days
Random One Direction Facts
.............uhhhh ME!
im a directioner, got a problem with dat? thats what i thought
It's like Josh Hutcherson and the rest of The Hunger Games cast, except visa versa.
haha I think Louis should br iron man but yah know harrys good too<<< No Louis face fits that guy better<< "that guy" just happens to be HawkEye, the modern equivalent to Robin Hood and Legolas. Not just "that guy."
Get prepared. We are comin. Hahahahha SIMON KILLS ME!!!!!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^sucks for me. im going to school. for the first time this week cuz i was very sick but its going away so yay but boo. you guys should watch it an few extra times while im at school so then when i get back i can continue the refresh thing. k? thanks guys love ya
"Hi!" *takes laptop & throws it away* hahaha
New fandom joke lol xP <<< lol I pretty much have the whole movie trailer memorized and the dance xD