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Weeping Willow tree.  In the dark, in the Fall, covered in snow, or bare of leaves, there is always beauty to see.

i weeping willows this is why i need out of franklin county, cant plant them there

My girlscome home

islamic-art-and-quotes: “ La Ilaha IllAllah on Clouds “لا إله إلا الله” “ La ilaha illallah None deserves worship but God.

Love wins, love always wins..

Quotes About Love : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Description Love wins, love always wins. Sharing is Power – Don’t forget to share this quote !


humanoidhistory: Behold the Orion Nebula, a diffuse nebula situated a mere ± 20 light years away in the constellation of Orion.

Forests, fog and light make these long-exposure photographs look like paintings

Forests Drenched in Light and Fog by Boguslaw Strempel trees Poland light landscapes Czech Republic

В сердце туманности Ориона - эмиссионной туманности NGC 1976 (М42) в созвездии Ориона

Near the center of this sharp cosmic portrait, at the heart of the Orion Nebula, are four hot, massive stars known as the Trapezium. Gathered within a region about light-years in radius, they dominate the core of the dense Orion Nebula Star Cluster

Gerhard Richter, Seascape (Cloudy), 1969, oil on canvas

free-parking: Gerhard Richter, Seascape...

I've always believed in love at first sight.  that's the feeling you need to keep remembering to make a marriage work until the day you die.  we've both changed, but after all these years, I still remember the first time we met and it makes me smile.

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