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This is such a sobering piece and is creepy too

Sober yet colourful illustrations by Samantha Mash

ssdmmfr: “Illustrator & Artist: S. Mash “A Dead December” Digital Art “ “I just had to take a break from school work and make a personal piece for once. I guess this is my own character that I have.

"You thought armor was enough? Hate can pierce through anything--remember that." -- Cass vs Benji

Wounded m Ranger in Cavern 3 arrows in back ((Open RP.)) I clamp my fists and teeth in pain as the world began to blur around me. Slowly, I look up at the princess I swore to protect." I order her. ((Credit to


Code of Conduct: A paladin must be of lawful good alignment and loses all class abilities if she ever willingly commits an evil act. Additionally, a paladin’s code requires that she respect legitimate authority, act with honor (not lying, not cheating, no

Zenos after haircutting

Dragon Knight by fighter paladin soldier broad sword plaemail scale armor clothes clothing fashion player character