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Haikyuu!! ~~ Oh, Hinata...

I’m a blocker for my travel team and I can confirm that this is the face that is made while blocking by most people

stop trying to look cool u trashhhhjjhhhhshh (not iwa hes always cool)

セトヲ on

Christmas wrapping paper!!!

iwaizumi: “i dont remember if ive posted karasuno or not? w/e heres everything + karasuno (I SWEAR ILL RESTOCK MY STORE SOON karasuno pencil bags is also on their way so expect them on my store.

Is he drooling. This is the second best thing I saw today omg

Just look at how cute is Yaku in this screenshot (=^x^=)

Haikyuu!! in Japan - Fukuoka

"my scans"

Haikyuu! Hinata Shoyo, Kageyama Tobio

Kageyama and Hinata - Best combination