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Hope you like it! :3 Tell me if you find a mistake in the dialogues The next part: Paint Tool SAI, 2016

Tell me if there are mistakes in the dialogues The previous part: The next part: Paint Tool SAI, 2016 Haikyuu moms swap! Sugawara in Dateko

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Sugawara <3

~ I love how they think of Suga as their mother, its really adorable!S I DO ship Suga and Daichi!

bye. >>> *tosses him to the garbage can with Oikawa*

Ok, but how light must Hinata be for Terushima to just toss him aside like that? XD>> Well, Hinata is kg according to the wiki (about for us Americans)

Sugawara entrando a la cancha

talk about switching it up lol from brooding king to spastic mother XD SUGAWARA FTW!