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I make up a whole perfect scenario where I'm riding off into the sunset with my prince charming in that one minute.

Or they walk up to you later and ask if you understood that math question that morning and you are like, "uhm.I wasn't here for that," and they are just like "really? I didn't even realize that you were gone." ^^So sad but so true

Or a train or anything else that was more appealing than mashed broccoli

This and spending months encouraging you to belch then all of a sudden you get to a certain age & it's rude!

Hahaha! All. The. Time. But being homeschooled my main problem is having to get out of bed to go get it

One time when I did this my pen flew across the room and smacked my friend in the face. I had the hardest time holding back my giggles while she stared at me so confused as to why I threw my pen at her.