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"And it turns out you're too human after all. A Goddess Queen, oh please. You are a human peasant, the scum on the bottom of my shoe, and defeating you will be the easiest thing I've done in centuries.

"The female is currently more dangerous than the male she has reached the end of her patience and is now lashing out at anything that threatens to harm her husband or his brother whom is like her own brother she like a wounded animal and I wouldn't like to see her if and when she has children

the female of the species - “Look like the innocent flower, But be the serpent under it.” A Lady Macbeth fanmix for funkyspock.

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"your first date with the ol' rough stock rider, eh?" dakota glances up at her stepmom and gives a half-hearted nod. "well, if he puts his hands on you, cut 'em off.