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Supernatural Imagines

He’d be extremely confused, and you’d say that you were frustrated at (choose something). Then he’d bring you to a meadow with bees and wildflowers.

Cas: "In the words of a good friend...BITE ME."

Castiel's Dreamer on

Naomi: “Where is the Angel Tablet, Castiel?” Castiel: “In the words of a good friend… BITE ME.

Misha Collins. Castiel. Baby got his powers back, sorta, damn, this is gonna be one hard break from Supernatural.

Misha Collins as Castiel. Only the best character ever (well, in Supernatural. weeeeell, tied to Mark Sheppard's Crowley.) HIS EYES!

Castiel Castiel es un poco difícil de tratar. No es fácil hablar con él o saber lo que piensa, pero en realidad es probable que sea una persona agradable. Tras su mal carácter y su personalidad llena de rabia, le gusta que le respondan y no dudará en tomar el pelo. Le gusta: su guitarra eléctrica No soporta: recibir órdenes Signo del zodiaco: Leo

Słodki Flirt, gra, w której podrywasz chłopaków i umawiasz się na randki!

*Jared*dying of laughter in front of the camera though


Jensen dying of laughter in front of the camera though😂😂

I guess it's funnier when you actually watch supernatural

That’s OK Castiel, at least you tried…

Castiel and Dean ~ Supernatural Fan Art Lmao! omg i laughed to hard at this,I can so see Cas saying that

I normally don't ship Destiel but this fanart is adorable!!!

I normally don't pin Destiel stuff even though I ship it a bit. (nevertheless I shipped Jo and Dean more)