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Nice to see hadrosaurs and deinonychosaurs interacting peacefully for once.

prehistoric-birds: “ tiffanyillustration: “ Dinovember No.in continuing with my trend of dinosaurs starting with P facing to the left) A bull Parasaurolophus plays with a group of Troodontids! ” Nice to see hadrosaurs and deinonychosaurs.

Theropod(Acrocanthosaurus)Tracking Sauropod (Paluxysaurus). Illustration for chinese book 《Dinosaur Footprints》.

Acrocanthosaurus tracking Paluxysaurus ( Sauroposeidon) by Cheung Chung Tat (~cheungchungtat on deviantART) paleoart

Coahuila Dinosaurs, Mexico Desconocido Magazine. Diorama detail; Coahuilaceratops. Art by Román García Mora.

Paleo-illustrations and diagrams for the Coahuila Dinosaurs issue of Mexico Desconocido Magazine, Mexico.

paleoillustration:    Phorusrhacos “Terror bird” by Antarctic Spring

paleoillustration: Phorusrhacos “Terror bird” by Antarctic Spring. The Phorusrhacids are one of my favorite extinct bird families.