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Why is this so true!

They understand me so much. But it's also the same with 5sos. I annoyed my dad in the car the other day just by saying the names of the people singing. I made him listen to them and then I made him also listen to me saying their names.

I could tell when they were talking but sometimes their singing voices kinda ran together sometimes but now it's a sixth sense

Haha yeah always

That's me so true these problems are really

I didn't even read the top that said it was Louis and liam  but when I saw it I was like oh lawdy this is why I love him!

Liam and Louis r so cute,and how Liam knows what Louis will do with mentos and diet coke so he wrote "not at the same time"

One Direction

Yess I want to see them too tho but it's true<< such a true pic

.∙•✦ ᴘɪɴᴛᴇʀᴇsᴛ: @radVibess ✦•∙.

This guy should get an award! He understands. He is clearly a genius.

I don't say this out loud to my mom cause she'd go crazy, but I think it and text Ellen. :)  -H

Me, my mom hates me haha

It was the best mistake in the world and paying its price now horribly but amazingly. I need to sleep.

Remember it clearly actually 😂

I love how Niall said "Don't mess with One Direction fans, they'll kill you." Lol!!! He understands us!!!

picture: picture: omgggg, lololol picture: XD picture: Yayyyyy one: look at first pic's comment ;) sorry for da swearing. :/ Niall-at-Greg's-wedding picture: AWWWWWWWWWWWW

The Sass Masta from Doncasta strikes again! lol x

The Sass master strikes again. Reason 827635 Why I LOVE Louis Tomlinson

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Its been a year since their concert and I'm so sad.

and i thought zayn was mexican BOY WAS I WRONG harry and liam was a nightmare to decide which was which

It's funny because it's true.

There's no escaping the One Direction fandom once you're in it. Resistance is futile!D >>> You can check out any time you like but you can never leave - The Eagles reference anyone?

Wow I’m so sad right now I miss them. I’m starting to believe that they won’t get back together with they were tho I always do

Wow I’m so sad right now I miss them. I’m starting to believe that they won’t get back together with they were tho I always do

Yep for like the first hour I would repeat their names so I wouldn't forget them and would be like ok how do i tell them apart then like 6 hours later, ok there full names are, their sisters name are, their moms, and those are Louis shoes because they are toms

this is insanely true." Literally the first thing I said about them.

There have been pins about people giving up and how they have lost hope in meeting them. But I'm not giving up and neither should you. Anything can happen! Even if you're one that gave up please don't leave the fandom just cause you think you might not ever meet them or have a chance with them. But, like I said..anything can happen. <3 #hope

Before I die. Pretty much sums up my bucket list