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pretty much one of those '( noun ) writes / ( noun ) rps' blogs ★ queen morgaine ★ ey / em ★ pop art...

those late nights texts with your bestfriendsister that turn into middle of the night phone Conversations that leave me falling asleep in a puddle of giggles

Κασετόφωνο: Bad Desire

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drxgonfly: “Fundy Fog (by Tracy Munson Photography) ”

fundy fog - Thick fog rolling through the forest along a hiking trail in Fundy National Park, NB.

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Minimal Photography

25 Minimalistic Photos

In this series we showcase minimalistic type of photography. Producing a minimalistic photo is all about perspective, looking at things differently and

Spring and summer can bring violent storms to many areas of the country, with high winds and heavy rains. In some areas of the country, ice storms can produce severe tree damage that can collapse onto residential roofs. When these events occur, homeowners should be prepared to do some minor roof to prevent further roof damage.

Spiritual hurricanes in our personal lives only exist to serve God's purposes. But they can intensify only so much before you can begin to weather the storm.