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Combining the studs and only 1 post? 3 fresh Helix piercings with and beads. All titanium jewelry from


I really want to do this on my right ear with double helix piercings hoops, a hoop forward helix on the left side, three or four bottom lobe ear piercings going up into the cartilage, and the tragus I think it's called? On both sides.

Ear piercings @carolinegwyn

Ear piercings- love the lower two and the higher third to balance it out

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Double forward helix that looks exactly like the one I just got but hers is healed :(

Double nose

i didn't even realize double nose piercing like this was a thing.I'm REALLY digging it! I want this but with hoops instead of studs

18g 5mm Post 2mm 2.5mm & 3mm CZ GEM ~ CARTILAGE HELIX EAR PIERCING Stud Earring #EarStudEarringMicroFlatback

18g 3/16" 5mm Short Post CZ GEM Cartilage TRIPLE FORWARD HELIX Earring Stud Bar

nice triple helix by Ryan Clark, Mom & Pop Tattoo and Piercing, 288 Plymouth Ave Fall River Ma,