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Spot Collins style. Newsies cap. Suspenders. collared shirt, unbuttoned.

Remembering Brooklyn From "Newsies"

loved Jeremy London in his Party of Five days

Picture: Jeremy London in 'Mallrats.' Pic is in a photo gallery for Jeremy London featuring 4 pictures.

Already had a thing for Christian Bale... Before the Dark Knight there was Newsies... HOT!

Christian Bale as Jack Kelly in Disney's Newsies. I love Christian Bale.

We need a good assassination! We need an earthquake or a war! How bout a crooked polatition? Hey stupid that aint news no more!!

Newsies 1992 - "Sometimes all it takes is a voice, one voice that becomes a hundred, then a thousand, unless it's silenced.

Christian Bale, Newsies Long before he was Batman, Bale showed off his singing chops as Jack Kelly in the 1992 movie musical, Newsies.

Stars' Big Breaks

The Transformation Christian Bale’s Body Has Gone Through For Each Of His Films Will Shock You (Photos)

Newsies: Carrying the Banner

A montage of scenes from the movie "Newsies" set to the song Carrying the Banner

Newsies Trailer, via YouTube... Childhood favorite,Christian Bale in his prime.

"Newsies" (Disney PG, This live action musical film shows off the life of young paperboys at the turn of the last century. The soundtrack and dialogue are stellar.

12 Reasons Why We Want To Be Newsies When We Grow Up | Oh My Disney

12 Reasons Why We Want To Be Newsies When We Grow Up

"He's always t'inkin 'bout de kids in dat dumb refuge, t'hough he say he ain't. It's de foyst time I evah see Crutchy lie.