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Suomen itsenäisyys 75 vuotta

Finland, commemorative coin 1000 Anniversary of Independence in FinlandVuosi / year: / nominal value: 1000 markkaaSuunnittelija / des

Coin from Ephesus showing the honeybee (Melissa, "Sweet") symbol of the goddess Artemis.

Ε Φ = Ephesus. Many Ancient Coins had the Emblem of the honey bee on it as it was a symbol of wealth and power. This is due in part to the fact that ancient society realized that the honeybee had such control over their food supply.

Numismatic gold coin

Twenty Dollar Gold Coin Wish i bought this one when it first came out .Now its price is obscene!


2014 Canadian Silver Peregrine Falcon 1 oz Coin - Birds Of Prey Series


A crown coin minted ca. 1509 to 1533 during Henry VIII's marriage to Katherine of Aragon, hence the crowned 'K' opposite of the crowned 'H' for Henry.


2016 1 oz Canadian Gold Roaring Grizzly Coin (BU w/ Assay)