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How to repair a hole in a wool sweater; create a felted wool patch or applique to add style to a plain sweater. How to add a needle felted wool design to a sweater.

Brooch - needle-felted, but could do similar with quilting and embroidery.

Brooch - needle-felted--sometimes what we wear can be therapeutic!

beautiful wet and needle felted journal covers

Wet and Needle Felted Journals Make Meaningful Gifts – by Brenda Wren

✄ A Fondness for Felt ✄ felted craft diy inspiration - wet and needle felted journal covers

Felting Feast | Fabulous use of needle felting on top of wet… | Flickr

Felting Feast workshop at Diva Design Studio. Poppy field wet felted, with needle felted details added later, by one of the workshop participants - a first time felter!

Simply way to make prefect felted snowflakes using needle felting technique

Sometimes shaping can be challenge for needle felting. Often it takes a long time to create a nice detailed shape for an experienced needle felting artist.