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Satan on fire.

"It's all in your head, Y/n. Don't listen to them, just look at me." Negan rose your head up with his finger under your chin. "I'm here, you'll never have to worry ever again, darlin."

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The Witch and the Wardrobe

Modern Mythology: Behind the scenes: Story of a Lifetime

ριntєrєѕt • @αlαchrуmσsєfαtє

ριntєrєѕt • @αlαchrуmσsєfαtє

open supernatural rp; be either Sam or Dean] I was a witch, born one instead of using power some demon gave to me. I was one of the most powerful witch of my family line. I didn't use my magic for evil like others...I couldn't even really control my magic. I was now on the run from hunters because I was accused of setting an entire town on fire. I was now sitting in an abandoned building, mumbling words in Latin in order to hid the building..but it was to late, the hunters were here.

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promise land by Mike Fleming

promise land by Mike Fleming & Alicia Eggert

Amy. She has done this on multiple occasions while home alone.

Taking knife-sharp eyeliner literally

Welcome The Magick

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the Coven noir

iAres 2/2: “you bleed so much everything tastes like blood to you, the world…

Ares: boldness in peace, strength in battle, Saviour of cities, leader of the righteous.