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Infographic - Gay Love Fun Facts & Figures

Infographic: Gay Love Fun Facts & Figures

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johns trans sorry i don't make the rules

so I came out as a trans boy today Brian, Noah, Ronan, Adam


also, just if anybody wants to know my pronouns are he/him and they/them, and im also cool with gender coded language except if you call me a girl/lady/woman etc.

I've always been bad, can't you see? Always blaming others, always on the run. How do you own up when you aren't sure who's the liar? How do you own up when convincing yourself it wasn't your fault is where this began?

Could I possibly request a male deer/stag possibly demon/satanic like characteristics with the words “I’ve never claimed to be a nice person, nor will I ever” (a personal quote of.

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His knuckles were white with rage as he clenched his teeth, holding back the venomous words he wanted to spit "And if you have a problem with that, it'll be my pleasure to change your mind.

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I remember in the town I grew up in there was a transgender individual whom we always used to see when we were out. Being young, (7) I remember asking my mom about her, but my mom would always deflect the question and say we don't talk about that. It was the same about all LGBTQ topics. Not because we don't support them, but simply because at that time it was something that was extremely private to the individuals.

Transgender or not, you are valid. You don't need to "identify" as someone or something, rather just be yourself.