l e s s e r  d o g

Lesser Dog: Undertale Honestly, having L. In my life sounds much better than a boyfriend

Thank you for another year of growth and courage, as I continue building myself into the person that Papyrus would want me to be.

Undertale DORA

Clearly this person played the whole game with this name just so they could do this XD


The gender neutrality of this game is just perfect. I think the reason Frisk has no gender is so the player/reader can relate to Frisk whether they are male or female. I picture Frisk as a girl, but that's also probably because I'm a girl.

Some fun stuff for you :)

Reminded me of you

undertale, sans, temmie

Did you see this?

I imagine temmie says all of this in a really high pitched voice but when it gets to the last line their voice drops 9 octaves.


I thought that the ghost he was referring to was himself.I underestimated you MTT