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Michael Lambert lives and works in the United States. This space contains links to published work, photography, and other assorted paraphernalia.

"Holden, we need to go!" Zara shouted, stepping backwards, eyes glued to the wave of mindless soldiers marching towards them. If they ran now, only two of them would make it out alive. Fletcher clutched at his side, desperately trying to slow the blood flow, as he staggered down the street. "Go-" He weakly moaned, his legs beginning to wobble. He wouldn't make it much farther, Zara knew that, but Holden was too stubborn to let him go.

There're probably running from police. They can hide from a super secret magical mafia, but not a few underfunded police men?

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She set fire to the building that'd been her and he family's home for generations. She burned it all.