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Now, one more thing. Where do I go for the clothes? Good stuff, on him. - In Beverly Hills? - Yeah. Rodeo Drive, baby.  - Pretty Woman      Rodeo Drive on luksuksen ja glamourin ilmentymä. Siellä sijaitsee  luksusvaatermerkkien flagship -liikkeet ja ne ovat toinen toistaan  prameampia ja prö
Santa Monica is probably one of my favorite cities in Cali (aside from the safest and cleanest Irvine city) ;))
My future home :)
Universal Studios - Hollywood, CA. Used to go all the time as a kid, and always thought I would get into the movie business...still a favorite place to go for me.
Rodeo Drive & Dayton Way, Beverly HIlls, California
Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California, a shopper's paradise with stores from around the world. Some stores require a credit check before you're allowed to enter.

Live From LA: Thoughts on the De Rodeo Drive

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Boardwalk, Venice Beach, CA
Capitol Records building in Hollywood;  iconic mid-century Los Angeles architecture